One of our most valued treasures at Second Presbyterian Church is our seniors. They provide wisdom, leadership, stability, and many ministries to our church. We have several opportunities for their nurture, fellowship, and care:

 •  The Chapel Sunday school class: Held at 10am on the Lord’s day in the Chapel (between the sanctuary and the main parking lot), this class is led by ordained ministers of the gospel (teaching and ruling elders).

•  Young at Heart: Monthly meals and activities especially planned for the “young at heart” (whatever their age), these meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the Fellowship Hall (lower floor of the Sanctuary building, next to main parking lot).

•  Women in the Church (WIC) and Men’s Bible studies: Held in a variety of places and times, these studies focus on the study of God’s Word, friendship, and fellowship. (For more details, see men’s and women’s ministry cards.)

•  In-home and in-facility visitation: Some of our senior servants are home/facility bound. Our session, diaconate, and visitation committee are committed to ministering to these beloved servants of our Lord and Savior. Regular visits are planned and tracked to ensure all the flock is tended under the guidance of a coordinator, the senior church members of our church, and interested members of any age as well.

For questions about our senior's ministry or how you can get involved, please contact the church office.

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