(Updated 8/14)

Aug. 14 Missions Committee Meeting
Aug. 14 Musical CAT Kids Fun Night
Aug. 18 The Lord’s Supper at the evening service
Aug. 21 Administration Committee Meeting
Aug. 21 Regular CAT/Covenant Kids resume
Aug. 25 Deacon Nominations begin
Aug. 25 Evangelism Committee Meeting
Aug. 25 Homemade Ice Cream Social
Aug. 28 CE Committee Meeting
Aug. 28 Regular Youth/Children Choirs resume
Sept. 1 Rally Day
Sept. 1 WIC Annual Meeting
Sept. 2 Church Office Closed
Sept. 4 WIC Council
Sept. 4 Pastoral Care Committee Meeting
Sept. 8 Regular Sunday School resumes
Sept. 8 Two worship services resume
Sept. 8 Worship & Music Committee Meeting
Sept. 9 Diaconate Meeting
Sept. 9 Session Meeting
Sept. 10-11 WIC Circles
Sept. 15 The Lord’s Supper at the morning services
Sept. 15 Membership Class begins
Sept. 17 WIC Bible resumes
Sept. 17 LightBringers
Sept. 18 Administration Committee Meeting
Sept. 18 Deacon Training begins
Sept. 22 Evangelism Committee Meeting
Sept. 23 Fall Begins
Sept. 25 CE Committee Meeting
Sept. 27 Middle School Pizza Party
Sept. 28 WIC Shower for Faith Russell

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