Chad Bailey


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Assistant Minister of Congregational Care

I was born and raised in Tupelo, MS and lived in a loving home with one brother and both parents. Church was part of growing up for me, it was just part of life. We went as a family on Sunday mornings to Sunday school and then to the worship service at Calvary Baptist Church, but we didn’t really go to anything else. I wasn’t really involved in youth group; however, I did play church basketball with many of the youth and found that to be a way into the group. Church was never a bad thing, it was just part of the week.

After church we would go to my grandparents for lunch where the whole family would meet for food and fellowship. Looking back I realize that it was a great learning experience. It taught me the importance of the family and that families are not perfect. Although we were not very involved in the church, I certainly learned some beneficial things simply by going (being taken) to church. One thing I learned was that one day out of the week was different. I didn’t really understand all the details, but I knew that it wasn’t like Monday through Saturday. My parents did a great service by simply taking me to church where I heard the gospel preached, and saw God’s people praising Him and keeping His Sabbath holy by at least going to worship.

God certainly used these things to woo me to Himself when I was sixteen or seventeen. I remember lying on my bed one night and confessing my sins to God, and receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior. I’m not exactly sure how I knew how to pray, but I know that my Dad taught me to pray, I heard my grandfather pray, I heard my Sunday school teacher pray, and I heard my pastors pray. It is amazing how God draws His people to Himself! A couple of Sundays later I made “the walk” down the isle and then met with the youth director. I knew that walking down the isle was not the basis for my salvation, but Jesus Christ was. A few Sundays later I was baptized with water as a sign and seal of my union with Christ. I know now that my conversion was brought about by God Himself through years of wooing with the preaching of the gospel, being taken to church by my parents, and seeing godly men and women live out the gospel before me.

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