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Property, Class of 2020

Willy was born in Trujillo Peru (South America) to Jose Madrid and Elizabeth Alvarez 28 years ago. Willy received Jesus Christ as his personal savior at the age of 12. Since then God has been working in his life. Willy has always seen his parents work in the church through different ministries, which helped him to see what it means to serve the church in day by day situations. Willy has been working as a software engineer for almost six years, and also serving as a deacon in Wichanzao Church where he was involved in multiples areas until the last day he was in Peru. During that time, Willy meet Elizabeth, his wife, in a RUF meeting, and got married in 2014. Willy and Elizabeth were living in Peru for a few months and then moved to Greenville, SC almost three years ago and Willy joined Second Presbyterian Church. Elizabeth is a pediatrician nurse in Greenville Memorial Hospital. Elizabeth went to Peru to work for 2 years as missionary in a clinic in Trujillo.

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