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Secretary, Class of 2019

Providentially, I was born to parents who taught me to respect and honor God and His Word. My dad was a Wesleyan minister, and I was always near some expression of Evangelical faith. At least by college days I realized that I had no hope in life except in Jesus, and by then I had placed all my trust in Him. Also during college days, I began a serious study of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and realized that the “five points of Calvinism” had so much biblical merit. In 1980, Carol and I married, and we joined the staff of a Pennsylvania church and Christian school for about twenty years. God gave us three children in this time. In graduate school, God began to move me in a Confessional direction, resulting in our 1999 move to South Carolina: my prayer was that our children would be surrounded by peers who loved the Bible as it is understood in our Standards. We still needed a few more years to find an Evangelical, Reformed church, which we happily find in Second.

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