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Sympathy & Service Chairman, Class of 2022

Roger was born in Marion NC, 1950. His father worked in textiles and moved the family around North Carolina, to Bennettsville SC, then settled in Greenville Sc in 1966. God saved his mom as a child in the Pentecostal Holiness denomination and she took him to church until he was about 14 years old when he stopped going. At 18 years old he embraced the hippie culture of the late 60's and early 70's and began a rebellious and sinful life. In 1975 he married his wife Debra and some years after buying their first house, a Bible teacher at BJU and his family moved into the house across the street. He remembers many discussions on religion and philosophy to which his neighbor always responded to his comments with "Well, the Bible says....." and they had an impact on him. A few years later the neighbor moved away. By that time Roger and Debra had two children of our own when they began to contrast the troubled lives of their friend's teenaged children with the respectful, loving children of their former neighbors. They decided to start attending Debra's childhood church, and in a short time God saved Roger. They became involved in teaching Sunday School and helping with youth programs and 7 years later moved their family from the SBC church they attended to a Reformed Baptist church. A few years after that they started visiting several PCA churches and in August of 2010 they joined Second Church.

After graduating from Wade Hampton High School in 1968 Roger took college classes at Greenville Tech, then worked for a year at Stone Manufacturing, then finally returned to Greenville Tech to earn an Associate Degree in drafting. In 1972 he started working for JE Sirrine Co in Instrumentation, then at RS Noonan, Daniel Engineering, and then CRS Sirrine Co. In 1984 he started working at Creative Weaving where his father was co-owner. They manufactured automotive floor mats until they sold the business in 1996 and Roger became self employed buying and reselling product for the new owner. He continues to be self employed in his business buying and selling floor mats.

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